Shop Local at Warrington Market

There’s great drive at the moment to shop local and support the local economy. Here at Warrington Market, all the traders are local independent business who all support each other to help Warrington people to shop local at Warrington Market.

shop local at Warrington Market

Here’s a snapshot of what Warrington Market looked like on a busy Saturday in February. Take a look at what our small businesses are offering, giving you every reason to shop local at Warrington Market.

Warrington-Market     Warrington-Market

Warrington-Market      Warrington-Market

Some of the main attractions were traders such as Eaters Cafe, where customers were keeping John and Vicky on their toes. Rigby’s Fruit & Veg stall was looking busy as usual, along with the butchers and the majority of stalls in Warrington Market, filled with people happy to shop local and support local family run businesses.



Warrington Market offers a wide range of brilliant stalls (click here for list of stalls) so why not shop local with us? We have everything you could ever need under one roof! You can get fast food, sit down in a cafe with a brew and dinner. Why not get your hair cut, get a tattoo or find a lovely pet to join your family at the Pet Centre? Your favourite photographs can be printed from your phone and choose from a range of stunning frames. Why not add a little sparkle to your life with our jewellery stall, PJ’s?


Local shoppers can plan healthy meals using our wide range of fresh food stalls, such as John Cross & Sons Butchers, Andrew’s for your fish and game and many other varied traders. Clothes can be repaired or altered, keys cut and shoes resoled, while you browse all the clothing and footwear stalls. Rachael can paint your vintage furniture or sell you some chalk paint if you fancy having a go for yourself! 


Birthdays and celebrations are all sorted with our many gift or craft traders, such as So Many Lovely Things, Turners, Playzone and Crafted with Love, where you can find cards, gifts and collectables to please even the fussiest of your friends or family.

With all that Warrington Market has to offer, why wouldn’t you want to shop local and support small Warrington businesses, keeping local money in the local economy?


Don’t Forget Warrington Market remains open every Monday – Saturday 9am-4.30pm