A Day In The Life Of Warrington Market

In Warrington Market, stall holders start their week bright and early on Monday morning. Some of the traders (florists, butchers, and fish mongers) are up even earlier, beating the rush and picking the best and freshest produce, from local wholesalers to sell on their stalls. All stall holders are ready to open up for 09:00am. The Warrington Market Traders take great pride in presenting and displaying their products and services for market customers.


The busiest period for the market is between 11am – 3pm, whilst before and after this time the foot flow can vary, dependent on days of the week.

The market trader’s stalls are very varied and there are plenty of stalls for customer to look at.

In the front section of Warrington Market is the food section where you will find butchers, fishmongers, milkshake bars, cake makers, fresh fast food.

In the middle section of Warrington Market, there are clothing stalls, hair dressers, barbers, mobile phone stalls, cafés, accessory stalls, collectables stalls, clothing alterations and repairs, jewellers, baby stalls, sweetshops, pet stalls, fruit and veg stalls, card stalls, photography, frames and printing stall, cobblers, wigs and hair extensions, bags and suitcases, make-up, perfume.


In the back section of the market, you will find tattooists, music stalls, furniture, second hand stalls, computer repairs, fancy dress, cobblers, and plenty more, so there is definitely lots to do for customers visiting Warrington Market.

All the stall holders are friendly and will always talk to you. They are always up for a great laugh! There are also events held regularly in the market, such as the fantastic Comic Con event and the Medieval Market event, which all the usual stallholders and many more businesses besides take part in.

As you can see above, Warrington Market has everything you could ever need, and to make it even better, we are all local family run businesses.

Come and join us in Warrington Market! Why wouldn’t you to support your local businesses?

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