The future of Warrington Market

There is much speculation regarding the future of Warrington Market, but what is actually going on?

Rumours are rife about the market closing down, movingĀ andĀ getting bulldozed.

What we as traders are told, the market will never actually be closed throughout all the works being carried out!

A temporary market will be built over the next 18-24 months, the site will be on or around the old Time Square site. Traders will move into this temporary market causing minimum disruption to shoppers. Once all traders have gradually moved across to the temporary building, the old (current) market will be knocked down and a new market erected incorporating the old Boots building plus some extra space at the back of it. Once the sparkly new market is in place, traders will move from the temporary market across to the new premises, again causing minimum disruption to shoppers in the town.

So, as you see, Warrington Market will NOT be closing!

During the whole process, shoppers will still be able to enjoy our town’s traditional shopping centre and support local businesses over the large corporates.

Thank you for your support and please continue to enjoy our market.